Reginald A. Ray in Awakening The Body 2016

I’m taking a ten-week class in Somatic Meditation, which involves spending time deep in my body each day. In the throes of this darkness, I’m discovering something I have always faintly suspected: discursive thinking is a strategy of avoidance. When it’s too scary inside my body, my left-brain takes over and off into the clouds I go. Keeping my attention in my body is terrifying – or rather, I am invited to feel the terror stored up in me. Healing from trauma, no matter how large or small, happens in the feeling of unprocessed pain. It’s safe here, my body tells me daily. NO IT’S FUCKING NOT, my left-brain screams back at me.


3 thoughts on “Is your body safe?

    1. Hannah, man… good question. The hardest part, I think, is the fact that when I really check in, the fear I feel is almost overwhelming. And I think that’s because I’ve tucked a lot of scary memories into places I spend a lot of energy avoiding. And because I’m so used to avoidance that stopping still feels dangerous.


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