Vegan 101: What’s My Hamburger? | Ep 01

Welcome to Vegan 101, a vid series about how to transition off animal products.

In this video, I share five things that helped me to succeed as a fledgling vegan.

  1. Eat Congruent Meals: when you go plant-based, eat things with a similar feel, density, and carb/protein/fat ratio as what you were eating before.
  2. Allow Budget Flexibility: For the next month or three, allow yourself to spend more money on food than you usually do.
  3. Take a D and B12 Supplement: these are vitamins you get mostly from animal products, so make sure to supplement right from the beginning.
  4. Ignore the Dogma: moving toward a plant-based way of eating is enough, don’t get caught up in the details.
  5. Have a Back-up Plan: Plant-based meals don’t sustain the body as long as animal products do, so have some vegan snacks ready in case you crash (I use ProBars).



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